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RIDE Kailua

Our Indoor Cycling classes give you a cardio vascular, butt-kicking workout that takes you on a sweaty ride in an intimate setting where the music is upbeat, the videos are fun, and the energy is electric. We ride as one creating a unified energy. But no matter what always honor your body by adjusting the tension on your bike to a level that is appropriate for you.

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Our Classes

We have a variety of indoor Cycling Certified Instructors, UGI Certified Instructors, Certified Yoga Instructors, and Personal Trainers who will share their enthusiasm , strengths, playlists, and videos to create workouts that are always challenging and engaging. All you need is to bring your cycling or athletic shoes, water bottle,a positive spirit, and we'll provide the great class.

The Studio

Red, White, & Blue

We highly encourage everyone to consult a physician before embarking on any exercise program to include ours

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The Instructors

RIDE Kailua has developed each of our classes (Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Bootcamp, Cycle & Sculpt, Bike & Barre, Core & More) to give you the best possible workout experience. We compliment this with the best bikes in the industry and a cycling room fully automated with large TV screens, high quality sound, climate controlled A/C, and wall mounted fans to make your cycling experience the best it can be!